WEDNESDAY around the WORLD: street ART & BANDES dessinées in BRUXELLES

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We spent the last week end in Belgium and we. loved. it!! have you never been there? since it’s the home of Smurfs and Tin Tin i couldn’t help but post about street arts and drawings that you can literally find on every corner. i’ll post about the rest of the journey soon!

abbiamo trascorso il weekend in Belgio e lo abbiamo adorato! ci siete mai stati? dal momento che è la patria dei Puffi e Tin Tin non potevo non postare la street art e i disegni che si trovano letteralmente ad ogni angolo! Posterò le foto del resto del viaggio presto!

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3 commenti:

  1. I love street art!! These are great --especially that first one. :) Coincidentally, I was downtown today, taking pictures of street art (done up by the protesters). We saw some very interesting and very creative ones.

  2. So cool! I love these, that last one with a dog is just so great.

  3. That is some really cool street art! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing.


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